Apr 17, 2024 - Make front-end easy again

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Notable launches, short headlines


deco.cx wants to make front-end dev less complicated

Image: deco.cx launch video

Remember when front-end development meant just saving an HTML file on the server? Front-end devs may yearn for the simplicity of older days, but there’s a ton to do before building and when you’re ready to move to production. You have to think about where to deploy, setting up a CDN, analytics, monitoring, and A/B testing.

What if there was a platform where you could manage your whole front-end build while keeping your superpowers? 

deco.cx is an integrated front-end platform that combines the collaboration of Figma with the experience of VSCode and the extensibility of WordPress. Developers write components and functions using Deno, JSX, TypeScript, and Tailwind. deco.cx automatically generates a visual admin UI from the TypeScript code. Devs can also choose to self-host or to use deco.cx’s edge infrastructure, which includes CDN, hosting, analytics, and more to simplify operations.

But wait, what’s with the capybara? The deco.cx team is from Brazil, home to the largest capybara population in the world. On that note, their demo video is worth the watch for the memes alone and got my upvote!

At a glance:

• Topic: front-end, Product of the Week, open-source

• Funding: $2.7M total

• HQ: Brazil

• Founders: Rafael Crespo, Guilherme Rodrigues, Luciano Júnior


You want those enterprise customers, but are you ready for them?

The building blocks to become Enterprise Ready are already here, through WorkOS. It's a modern identity platform built for B2B SaaS companies, with flexible and easy-to-use APIs to meet the needs of enterprise customers faster.

WorkOS brings a modular approach to B2B auth, with enterprise features like SSO, SCIM, and User Management. The APIs are designed to provide an effortless experience from your first user through to your largest customer.

It's free for up to 1 million MAUs and hundreds of high-growth scale-ups like Vercel, Webflow, and Loom are already using WorkOS.


Talking points from Planet Internet

🤖  Babe, wake up. Boston Dynamics dropped its latest, improved robot and it’s a contortionist. See it move.

🖱️ Logitech made a mouse with an AI button. It launches an assistant that helps do things like rephrasing text to fit a word count. You can also customize your own prompt “recipes” to get the mouse to do specific tasks you do often.


OnlyPython, please

“Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Web dev is one of the most popular applications of programming. So why can’t we make full-stack web apps using just Python?” asked maker Nikhil Rao.

Reflex lets you do that — i.e. build web apps in pure Python and deploy with a single command. It generates React under the hood: ”We don't do server-side rendering, all the UI is compiled up front and your state lives on the server in Python,” explain the makers.

At a glance

• Topic: Python, web apps, open-source

• Funding: $5.5M total

• HQ: San Francisco

• Founders: Tom Gotsman, Nikhil Rao


Highlights from Planet AI

  • Mistral launched its latest model, Mixtral 8x22B, which uses a “mixture-of-experts” architecture to perform efficient computation. 

  • Hugging Face launched a new model called Idefics2 that can answer questions about images, describe visual content, and more. 

  • Elon’s xAI previewed its first multimodal model, Grok-1.5 Vision, which X says is “competitive with existing frontier multimodal models in a number of domains.”

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  • Cal.com launched a headless scheduling, API-powered, plug & play react components.

  • CodeRabbit gives you automated, AI-powered code reviews.

  • Unlogged is a tool for Java devs for mocking, testing & optimizing.

  • Glazed turns Figma designs into a visual tracking & management tool for events. 

  • Tailscan is to build, design, and debug any Tailwind-based website within the browser. 

  • Shorebird lets you fix bugs in production instantly in your Flutter apps.


  • Goptimise Beta is a no-code, AI-powered, scalable backend builder.

  • Shopyflow lets you build headless Shopify stores in Webflow.


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Written by Sarah Wright.

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