Feb 21, 2023 - The fastest robot

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Project Crystal

Image: Lenovo

Lenovo created a transparent laptop as a proof of concept, and I have to say… the concept is really cool. It actually seems pretty practical too.

The laptop has no keys. Instead they’re projected onto the optical glass where they should be. The key outlines disappear when you move your stylus towards the area so you can draw there.

Now, imagine looking right through your laptop screen as you draw because the screen is transparent. There’s also a rear-facing camera equipped with AR and AI-powered software.

“Lenovo demonstrated these AR capabilities by placing a flower in a vase behind the screen and having a virtual butterfly fly around it,” explained Alyn Griffiths for dezeen. You can see that demo in a tweet from an onlooker here.

There are no plans to bring the concept to market, but you'll eventually see similar features from Project Crystal in future laptops.


Imagine an inbox where every email has a draft reply. Where every email has a 1-line summary. Where you can turn an idea into a fully written email. Where you can improve your writing, fix your grammar, and write in any language. 

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Talking points from Planet Internet

Image: DALL•E with ChatGPT

🪦 In loving memory. RIP Apple EV. Sadly, we may never know what you could have looked like, and all we have left are these DALL•E-generated concepts we made.

Yes, this week Forbes broke the news that Apple has abandoned its plans to build a car — plans that have been percolating as early as 2013.

🦿 The fastest robot: RUN! There’s a new robot in town that’s faster than Boston Dynamics’ Atlas. H1 from Unitree Robotics can hit speeds up to 7.38 mph (its aforementioned competitor trots at 5.59 mph). Watch him go.



  • SaaSBold is a full-stack SaaS boiler kit and starter kit.

  • AI Assist by Dopt helps you build relevant in-app product assistance.

  • DevBuddies lets developers connect with other developers to build cool things.

  • Wiredash provides analytics and in-app feedback for your Flutter app.

  • AirBadge lets you add authentication and payment to your app in minutes.


  • Protected App by Logto lets you build authentication without writing code.

  • OpnForm lets you create forms and share them anywhere in no time.

  • KeepRecord lets you build databases in a spreadsheet-like interface.


  • Commit Mono is an open-source, neutral font for a better reading experience.

  • Minstral Large is an open-source, more affordable alternative to GPT-4.

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Written by Sarah Wright and Aaron O’Leary.