Feb 21, 2023 - Look into the machine's mind

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Look into the machine’s mind

Struggling to understand how generative AI chatbots work? No judgments here — some of us are visual learners.

Try this instead: Look Into The Machine’s Mind. This website shows how ChatGPT would respond to a prompt. The researcher behind it, Santiago Ortiz, gave the API the prompt “Intelligence is…” hundreds of times and created visualizations of the responses.

“Given a text, a Large Language Model assigns a probability for the word (token) to come, and it just repeats this process until a completion is…well, complete,” explained Ortiz.

The tree visualization shows the calculated probability of a word following a text, while the cool-looking cube is a representation of the same tree, with trajectories that bifurcate. They “progress towards longer and less probable sub-sequences of responses.” 😻


One of the top developer events of 2024 for the API community is coming up — Postman’s annual user conference in San Francisco. It’s where you can network, grow your skills with hands-on workshops led by Postman experts, and be the first to hear about Postman’s newest product advancements. You’ll hear from industry leaders including:

  • James Q Quick, Developer & Content Creator

  • Shweta Palande, Cisco

  • Kedasha Kerr, Github

  • Hannah Seligson, Hubspot

  • Rui Barbosa, Box

  • And more!


Talking points from Planet Internet

🤖 New Spatial Persona avatars from Apple. Do these weird ghost-like apparitions make you feel less lonely? They’re supposed to. Apple Vision Pro users were reporting feeling disconnected, so Apple broke avatars out of their restricted windows and plopped them next to you so that working together or playing games can feel more natural. Yes, totally natural. (I’m obviously not sold but others are).

🧠 That’s a no-go from Lego. Lego had to ask a police department in California to stop cropping Lego heads onto suspect’s heads. The department is known for getting creative with its booking photos to protect the reputation of people who may be found innocent, but it turns out Lego couldn’t let it go.



  • FlakyText.dev helps you manage flaky tests. 

  • Keywords AI gives you a unified DevOps platform to build LLM apps. 

  • Governance AI detects & fixes API design and implementation issues

  • Otto Engineer is an AI sidekick for iterating and testing code. 

  • Liblab helps you build SDKs and beautiful documentation in no time.

  • SciPhi enables a seamless deployment of any LLM backend that requires RAG.

  • Anvil Document SDK helps you build document workflows into your product.  


  • Reffresh is a simple, no-code tool for mock APIs.

  • Weavely lets you design and publish forms directly in Figma.

  • Linkpage is a mobile-first landing page that can host multiple links.


  • OpenDevin replicates Cognition’s Devin as open-source. 

  • Daytona is an open-source dev environments manager that supercharges productivity.


  • Indiedx created a curated list of indie hackers that you can filter to find people to jam with and support. 

  • Dealwise offers M&A for startups with $1-10M in revenue, using AI to identify and reach out to buyers. 

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Written by Sarah Wright.