Feb 7, 2023 - Blackberry is so back


It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. It's time to get weird.

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Blackberry is so back

It might seem counterintuitive for smartphone companies to want you to use their product less, but that’s precisely what the maker behind the Minimal Phone wants. It’s a scaled-down smartphone that wants you to prioritize productivity, simplicity, and your life outside of the digital realm. 

It swaps the bright OLED screen for an E-Ink Display and comes packed with a massively toned-down version of Android called MnmlOS. It ships with some basic functionality like phone calls, messages, email, and a select few apps like a calendar and navigation apps like Uber. 

Combined with its tactile QWERTY keyboard, it’s giving some serious Blackberry vibes, and all that scaling down isn’t just good for your productivity either. It’s good for your electricity bill as well since you will only have to charge the Minimal Phone once every four days. 

Only one question remains. Will you make the switch? 


Talking points from Planet Internet

🌕️ Why so lo? Is what I’d like to ask Jupiter’s moon, lo. NASA just released some pretty captivating images of our favorite gas giant’s little companion. The Juno space probe took the photos after coming within 930 miles of the moon.

✍️ AI Poetry: Who says AI can’t inspire? A maker decided to combine his love of AI and poetry by building an alarm clock that uses ChatGPT to generate and display a new poem every minute so that you can feel inspired all day long. It’s currently on Kickstarter.


Written by Aaron O’Leary.

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