June 13, 2024 - Bug In The Code Stack test

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👋 Hey there. Welcome back to Product Hunt Dev, formerly WeirdWideWeb. Apple has dominated the news this week after it revealed Apple Intelligence. We’ll lightly touch on that, but otherwise are setting our sights on some bigger releases from a couple of fast-growing startups.


A fresh approach to data infrastructure

MotherDuck is now Generally Available… and it’s going to take a lot for me to refrain from adding a bunch of duck puns in here. 🐥 The cloud SQL analytics platform is recognized for a few things. One is its unique, dual architecture, blending local and cloud queries. Queries repurpose unused compute on your laptop, eliminating round trips to the cloud every time you change a single filter — duck, yeah.

MotherDuck also works closely with DuckDB, adding to its efficiency — "the delta between running on your laptop and running in the cloud is as small as adding three characters to your database path,” co-founder Jordan Tigani writes. Tigani, by the way, is a founding engineer of Google’s BigQuery. He started MotherDuck after observing that people were building advancements for big data, but smaller database workloads were inefficient to work with.

Check out the demo for more of what MotherDuck can do, including a column explorer feature that lets you interactively visualize the columns in your tables and query results sets.


You want those enterprise customers, but are you ready for them?

The building blocks to become Enterprise Ready are already here, through WorkOS. It's a modern identity platform built for B2B SaaS companies, with flexible and easy-to-use APIs to meet the needs of enterprise customers faster.

WorkOS brings a modular approach to B2B auth, with enterprise features like SSO, SCIM, and User Management. The APIs are designed to provide an effortless experience from your first user through to your largest customer.

It's free for up to 1 million MAUs and hundreds of high-growth scale-ups like Vercel, Webflow, and Loom are already using WorkOS.


$100M for a Python framework to build custom AI apps (kind of)

Writer raised a hefty $100M Series B last year, but don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. The startup emerged as a product to help companies flag copy that doesn’t adhere to the style guide.

But the founders saw a different opportunity. After gaining traction among enterprise customers, Writer realized those companies needed more help building their own AI bots and apps. All those $$$ are making sense now, huh? So along came Writer AI Studio, the startup’s platform for building AI apps. Ya, I know. Another AI bot/app builder? Yes, here’s why I’m including it…

First off, Writer has built its own LLMs that it says are smaller than average and more cost-effective. They’re also not trained on copyrighted material. Additionally, unlike most no-code tools, Writer is largely purpose-built for devs. AI Studio was launched with an open-source, Python framework (Writer Framework) and the team says it enables the rapid creation of a wide range of AI tools, not just chatbots. It also gives devs granular control over prompts and the ability to edit generative AI flows in your preferred code editor. Finally, Writer APIs allow for integrating generative AI into apps in your own stack.


How well can LLMs find syntactic bugs in large Python codebases? The folks over at Hamming.ai built a new benchmark to find out. Their results showed that models react differently to the placement of the bug within the source code. The GPT-4-series was the least sensitive. Check out more of their results on the Product Hunt blog.

About the team: Sumanyu Sharma is the Co-Founder & CEO of Hamming, a platform for building AI products with a focus on reliability and trustworthy AI. Before that, he was the Head of Data at Citizen and helped lead an AI-powered sales program at Tesla to hundreds of millions in revenue. Hokyung (Andy) Lee is an AI Researcher and student at the University of Waterloo.


🥶 A startup working on reversible cryonics came out of stealth last week. The founder, a child prodigy, says past companies have focused on freezing instead of rewarming human parts — and that the stigma around cryonics has limited its progress. Cryonics could be used for things like organ donation, tissue samples, and curing illness.




  • JustBackend is a lightweight database replacement for micro-SaaS or quick prototyping.

Code Management and Collaboration

Testing and Debugging

  • Reliv uses Vision AI and an Element Locator to run robust QA automation.

SDKs, APIs, Code Bundles

  • Liveblocks’ SDK lets you choose real-time, multiplayer collaboration features to add to your apps.


  • GitKraken launched a DevEx platform.

  • Huly is an open-source project management platform with a bidirectional GitHub synchronization.

  • GitRabbit tracks your GitHub activity and consistency.

  • Znote makes your notes work harder by turning Markdown and JavaScript into dashboards and automation.

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Written by Sarah Wright.

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