May 30, 2024 - A git assistant

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Notable launches, short headlines


Find contributors and trends in git history

Now that open-source has become a common way to build, tools have been created specifically for such projects.

OpenSauced is one of them. OpenSauced offers tools that give devs deep insights into their open-source ecosystem. You can do things like categorize contributions and track your growth or churn in contributors. The startup was founded by Brian Douglas (aka bdougie). Prior to founding OpenSauced, Douglas worked as an engineer at Netlify and Bloc before moving on to GitHub where he worked as the Director of Developer Advocacy.

Last week, Douglas and the OpenSauced team launched StarSearch, a cleverly named AI copilot for git history. The AI assistant has been trained on “an immense amount of contribution data so that you can ask any questions that you want about the open source ecosystem.”

That means you can ask questions like “Who are some Tailwind experts who also have an interest in Rust?” You’ll get a bulleted list of contributors. You can click through and follow up with some of the suggestions if you’re looking for a partner, inspiration, or help with a problem. Or you can ask the bot another question, like “What has @user been working on?” Boom. StarSearch delivers a summary of recent pull requests from that @user.

At a glance

• A copilot for git history

• Funding: Pre-seed

• HQ: Oakland

• Founder: Brian Douglas

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⌨️ Nostalgia just hit me right in the feels after seeing this old school, IBM-esque mechanical keyboard. Named the M edition, the keyboard by 8BitDo. It comes with 87 keys, programmable keys, a volume knob, and works over wifi, bluetooth, and USB.

🐛 This might be a new record. A Firefox bug was fixed after 25 years. Of course, Firefox didn’t actually exist 25 years ago. The bug was filed against Netscape Navigator.

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Deeper Learning by Product HuntWe see AI tech as it emerges, and drop it in a newsletter for you.



  • StartKit.AI provides SaaS boilerplate for creating AI products.

  • Formatify converts photos, audio, and video on the client side.

  • helps devs easily generate PDF docs.

  • YCloud offers a developer-friendly WhatsApp API and business tools.

  • Codate lets you easily create date formats for any coding language.

  • TestSprite offers fully automated end-to-end testing solutions.

  • Tonic Ephermal lets you spin up populated test databases in seconds.

  • is an AI powered database client.


  • TonicTextual is a data lakehouse for LLMs, preparing your unstructured data for generative AI.

  • Unify dynamically routes each prompt to the best LLM and provider

  • AssemblyAI launched Universal-1 speech recognition model trained on multilingual data


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Written by Sarah Wright.

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