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👋Hey there. Welcome back to Product Hunt Dev, formerly WeirdWideWeb. Don’t worry — we’re still covering breakthrough dev tools and weird/cool stuff from the world of engineering. Just with a different name.

As usual, if you have a moment, please send us your feedback at the end of today’s newsletter! Today, we’ll take you through the top reads first, and end with rapid-fire product news. Let’s go!


AI tool for codebase migrations + upgrades

The team at Second is on a mission to make it easier to do codebase maintenance, which is a bummer because devs love to spend their time doing codebase migrations and upgrades. ;)

Founder Eric Rowell, who’s worked on everything from Yahoo’s video player to the no-code platform Uiflow, explained the product so simply — and I love simple — so I’ll just quote it here:

“We think it's pretty intuitive – connect to a repo, select a maintenance module, run a job, and get a PR. You have the power to modify the STEP plans in YAML, or create custom maintenance modules as well.”

Devs who have to maintain legacy codebases are particularly excited. The Second team is also working to extend beyond git-based transformations like COBOL and Fortran to support the migration of mainframe languages (“in particular to help modernize banking software…”)

Rowell also points out that Second is not an alternative to AI IDE offerings like GitHub co-pilot. Those are useful for building or debugging in targeted areas of the codebase, while Second’s focus is on codebase maintenance jobs that can be defined with rules and patterns, and operate on hundreds or thousands of files.


You want those enterprise customers, but are you ready for them?

The building blocks to become Enterprise Ready are already here, through WorkOS. It's a modern identity platform built for B2B SaaS companies, with flexible and easy-to-use APIs to meet the needs of enterprise customers faster.

WorkOS brings a modular approach to B2B auth, with enterprise features like SSO, SCIM, and User Management. The APIs are designed to provide an effortless experience from your first user through to your largest customer.

It's free for up to 1 million MAUs and hundreds of high-growth scale-ups like Vercel, Webflow, and Loom are already using WorkOS.


See what tech stack other developers are using

This is a fun and useful project from some of the makers at Warp

Share Brewfiles lets you run a quick CLI command to upload your Brewfile packages to BrewFiles.com. You’ll get a personalized Brewfile page that highlights your “developer personality,” which you can update over time with one CLI command. But even better, it lets others see your and other developers' packages. This way you can stalk other developer’s Brewfiles, plus the info populates a leaderboard that lets you see what’s popular overall and discover new tools.

What other package managers would you like to see the team support? Let them know here. Or go share your Brewfiles now.


Stan Girard is the co-founder and CEO of Quivr, an open-source chat-powered second brain. He shared his insights on SEO techniques from developing several open-source projects on GitHub.

“These strategies helped my projects achieve the number one trending spot in both the developers and project categories for nearly a week and amass over 25,000 stars in under eight months.”


⌨️ A new company called Daylight Computer launched its first tablet, DC-1, but what’s getting technical people excited is the engineering behind it. Daylight calls its new, distraction-free tech “Live Paper.” The team plans to use the tech to create “public benefit” phones, laptops, and more. Read more.



  • Cartesia Sonic is a state space model (SSM) invented by PhDs at the Stanford AI Lab. Sonic generates high-quality, lifelike speech fast.

  • Farspeak is an API that simplifies creating RAG apps.

  • Moondream is a tiny, fast, computer-vision model that can answer real-world questions about images and run on edge devices and mobile phones.


  • Hanabi.rest lets you build a REST API from natural language and screenshots.

  • Releem is an AI-powered database performance management tool.

  • Passkeyd provides minimalistic and self-hosted passkey auth.

Code Management and Collaboration

  • MarsCode provides Al-powered Cloud IDE and IDE extensions

  • Squire AI helps write pull request descriptions, review PRs, and learns how you like your code reviewed.

Testing and Debugging

  • Buglab AI detects UI/UX issues by automating the testing

SDKs, APIs, Code Bundles

  • Space Blocks offers a permissions-as-a-service platform.

  • MagicPush does affordable push notifications for web apps.

  • Unipile offers an API to integrate LinkedIn into your app.

  • Linkz.ai enables live link previews on your site.


  • Standuply provides AI time tracking & resource planning for Jira.

  • supa.guide is a book to get you from 0 to expert in Supabase.

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